Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Daring in a Red Skirt

Hi Friends!

This cloudy weather makes me miss our days in New York City. I had the opportunity to attend The National Retail Federation's annual Big Show. I heard from wonderful keynotes speakers such as Rebecca Minkoff and Simon Sinek. Getting to experience New York was great, but I could never trade my experience at the Big Show for anything. It allowed me to open my mind and find new ideas for the retail industry. It just made me love this major that much more!

We were strolling through Central Park during our two-hour evening break and it was simply beautiful. I felt like in this outfit and in this place, I can do anything. This was the perfect look for a quick trip to The Met and then on to the Big Show Gala Reception. 

Don't be afraid to take chances. You never know what that daring decision could lead you to. On this day, I walked up to a man I had never met before. I introduced myself and we exchanged business cards. Now, I get to learn all about how his technology is going to change the face of retail. Life is good outside of your comfort zone. It good for your soul. Be confident and take the world by storm. 

Sadie Lee
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Remember to always love the life you live!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Living With Dyslexia

Hey y'all!

I have mentioned a few times about my battle with dyslexia. I have come to terms with the issue, but I still get upset by the things people would say to me.  Nothing I do is easy. This blog isn't easy because of it. I work hard and I am proud of my accomplishments. Here I have listed 40 things I've learned (or been told) through having dyslexia as an adult.

  1. It is a disability and you have it. 
  2. Words are hard. 
  3. Textbooks are not your friend but they are on your team.
  4. Things are going to look different to you then others. 
  5. It will take you longer to get to the thought everyone else is at. 
  6. You will learn to control your anger (sorta).
  7. Your brain doesn't work the same as others. 
  8. Challenge your creative side because most of the time this side is stronger. 
  9. Accept help.   
  10. You are going to learn differently. 
  11. You are a 1 in 10 statistic and people will remind you of this in hopes that it boost your self esteem. (Most likely doesn't work) 
  12. You feel different and set apart from the group. 
  13. You will forever be dyslexic. 
  14. Albert Einstein and Walt Disney were dyslexic (Still doesn't help your self esteem).
  15. You will have to work harder than others. 
  16. Alone. You will feel alone. 
  17. It's not going to be easy. 
  18. Prepare to bring your computer everywhere. 
  19. Prepare to explain why you bring your computer everywhere. 
  20. Take advantage of the help around you, including the disabilities services. 
  21. Get comfy in the front row of your classes. 
  22. If you don't have time management skills, your gonna learn them. 
  23. You can never be "cured" from this disability. 
  24. People will tell you that you will grow out of it. 
  25. It's not your parents fault. 
  26. Most likely you have ADD or ADHD. 
  27. You will confuse your left from your right. DAILY. 
  28. Fight the daydreaming. It's part of the disease. 
  29. I promise, the letters aren't moving on the page. It just looks that way. 
  30. Studies show you are either extremely organized or extremely disorganized.
  31. You will be told that you have a gifted mind (still not helping that self esteem issue). 
  32. There are imbalances in your brain chemistry.  
  33. Procrastination seems like the answer, its not. 
  34. There is nothing wrong with your eye sight. 
  35. People will tell you "Oh I think I have that too..." Don't get mad at them
  36. Think in pictures, not words - it helps. 
  37. Don't push yourself too hard. Take a break every once in awhile. 
  38. People are going to make fun of you. Just brush it off. 
  39. Don't let what people say get to you. (Refer to numbers 11, 24, and 35) 
  40. Love yourself. (cue Justin Bieber music) This is only one part that makes up YOU! 
Sadie Lee
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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Hello 2017!

Hey y'all!

In 2016 I...
moved 601 miles from my forever best friends (AKA my parents) and starting attending my dream school. I have been able to walk the same halls as my father, my grandfather, and many family members in between. I became a doggy momma - see Instagram HERE. I was diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD. New family members joined us into this world and some left us for a better place above. I started working at a golf course. No, I still don't know how to play golf. I got to rejoin my sorority here at my new school. This brought me amazing new friends. I found a major I love studying. I experienced a real football season - HAIL STATE! I turned 22. I'm half way to 23 now and this really isn't as exciting as Taylor Swift made it sound. I reconnected with old friends and made some new ones. I worked with some amazing companies on projects that will help change the world. I have been battling a stomach condition and made the decision to cut gluten from my diet. I was elected into Dance Marathon marketing team. You can read all about my project goals HERE. I turned in a submission to the NRF Big Show and I get to go to New York to meet with the retail companies. I was elected as Chi Omega's newest Director of Marketing. For the first semester ever, I made the Dean's List. Most importantly, I (attempted) to complete my #HSLGamePlan.

In 2016 I learned...
things are not always going to turn out the way you planned in your pretty planner. Life brings heartache. Of course, we look back on the positive things and the accomplishments we completed. But it isn't always rainbows. I cried, ALOT. I contemplated moving home. I knew God brought me here for a reason and that I needed to stick it out. I learned that people are taken from this world and there may never be an explanation for it. I learned that you can't always be the strong one. Sometimes that job should be left for someone else. I learned that you have to stand up for yourself. My personality is very outgoing but, I have a hard time believing in myself. I learned you can do it. You can do anything. It will take hard work, dedication, perseverance, and maybe some accountability from those around you but, you can do it.
In 2017 I hope to... 
become more in love with my blog, (almost) finish my degree, complete another half marathon, and find happiness in everything I do. The goals I have set are intended to make me a happier, healthier, more thankful, and fulfilled me. Sometimes it's hard to make a goal that last 365 days. I am focusing on the things that fill me with joy, the things that make me laugh so hard my belly hurts and my one dimple shows. This year is about being delighted and overjoyed. It is about finding your happiness.

- Develop a schedule -
- Try really hard to get two posts up a week (Y'all know I'm not good at this) -
- Dedicate time to communication -

- Define my career goals -
- Add two more amazing semesters to my GPA -
- Find a route for organization -

- Stick to my diet plans and try to cut bread / pasta as best I can -
- Try something new -
- Complete another half marathon (that would make number 9 since I was 14) -

- Take a new adventure each month (#HSLTravels, anyone?) -
- Take a 30 min me time each day -
- Become a morning person (NOT EASY) -

I have posted these goals on my white board so I can continue to refer to them. I hope by the end of 2017 I can come back and tell you all about the way I took 2017 and filled it with happy memories, good people, and exciting adventures. What are your goals / resolutions for this year?

Sadie Lee
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