Thursday, July 17, 2014

Approaching the 20's

So I recently read Life Hacks article on "20 Things You Need To Stop Doing In Your 20s". You are more than welcome to check it out and read all 20 but I want to just highlight 5 that stuck out to me. I am 19 and in two months I will be turning 20. While reading this article I did agree and disagree with some things. With my teen-years ending soon seems only fitting to add pictures of my NONteen-years!

1. Stop being thankless. 
I find myself in this situation all the time. I don't really think about all that I have and how blessed I am to have it. I love and I am loved. I don't think I have been ungrateful but I just don't take time to appreciate the people in my life enough. I am very thankful of my family for always sticking by my side. I am thankful for my friends who put up with my crazy self. I am thankful for the people that have mentored me in life. For what I learn I can then turn around and mentor to other people. I think the best thing is to remember to tell those that you are thankful for their part they have played in your life.

2. Stop putting things off. 
The worst is when you put things off because you simply don't have the time. The way to solve this is to make 3 lists - high priority (today list), medium priority(tomorrow or the next day list), low priority(next week list).  I am a huge advocator for list. I absolutely LOVE lists! I have them everywhere too - in my car, in my room, all over my calendar, and even in my bathroom. I like to write a list of quotes, shopping list, things I want list, to-do list. I think that just falls under the fact that I just like order. It makes me happy! But I am not perfect, I still find that even with list there is not enough time in the day to get everything you want done.

3. Stop treating your job as a daycare.
I thought this was kind of ironic because my summer job for the past 4 years has been a in-home-nanny. But I understand that it means people come in, get the job done - whatever that job may mean, leave. Then get up and repeat. There is no excitement. You do it only for the paycheck and then it feels like day in and day out nothing changes. I envy those who love their job so much that it nearly brings tears to their eyes. Now I am only a college student and not even near the end of my goal of owning my own psychology practice for marriage and family. But I get chills every time I think about what my future holds. I am the type of person who likes to get fully, emotionally developed into life, people, and projects. I like to make it so personal to the point that I get upset even if it doesn't truly involve me. I hope to find myself falling in love with my career one day.

4. Stop letting fear and uncertainty stop you.
This definitely applied to me during my first year of college. I had a hard time adjusting and even though my brother was going to school with me at the time, I still got home sick a lot. I worried about what people would think of me. I didn't do well in school at first either. So I don't think that helped me too much. But I soon was able to take a step back and examine my life. People talk about how they have this miraculous turn around and before I never believed it was possible until it happened to me. Through my struggles I was able find out who I was. Those words sound so vague but you never really know how your going to handle a situation until your standing in the mess of it.

5. Stop daydreaming. 
At first when I read this I got very upset. I started going off in my head, "I live by NEVER stop your daydreaming! Daydreaming is what gets me through the day! Daydreaming is what makes reality happen!" But then I kept reading and I realized the point they were trying to make. It wasn't really about stopping your dreams and goals, but more about learning to live in the moment. Which I agree with this. You should always experience life with full force. I am the poster child for falling in love with life. I think everything you do should make you feel full emotions; whether its happy, sad, excited, surprised, or confused. I feel like if you have full emotions then you can fully approach the situation. It gives you an assurance that you know your feelings towards whats happening. I also think that if you have the chance to do something out of the norm then you should just grab it and go for it! Take chances.

I have much to learn in life, that is for sure. But I am excited to see what is ahead and I am thankful for what I have had in the past. I feel like everyday things are changing, new things are discovered, you meet new people, and life has a funny way of making the pieces fit perfectly.

Take on life from the rooftop!

What is your advice for my upcoming 20's? What do you look forward to in your 20's? What have you learned in your years so far, no matter how old?

Thanks for listening, bye ya'll!
Sadie Lee


  1. I really enjoyed reading this, I am not 20 until next year but this is still worth looking at and considering even now!

    Amazzable xox

    Feel free to look at my blog:

    1. Time flies! It will be here before you know it!

  2. I love reading those sort of articles. Check out, its an app as well. Im 21 and realising that the years are going by fast and I need to stop daydreaming and face reality and enjoy every moment. Its scary. Best advice I think will be focus on reaching your dream job one step at a time. Thats what I'm currently doing. Takes a lot of time.

    1. It does!! Its scary... but exciting!!! Enjoy everyday that comes! Every night write down a positive thing that happened that day and that will help with keeping the positive attitude in your life (something I struggle with).