Friday, July 11, 2014

Locks Long Gone!!

Just a quick post for a quick pic! Cut my hair today! I wish I could say it was an impolisive fun in the moment choice but if I said that... I would be lying! I definitly thought this one through and searched for inspirational pictures on Pinterest. Once I was there and my lovely and talented hairdresser had the scissors in her hand, I closed my eyes, and said GO! And with a few snips it was gone but I love it! It is so different from the normal Princess Sadie look!
What do you guys think?!?
I'm joining the short hair club! Leave in the comments tips for short hair and how you like to style it! I will be teaming up with another blogger (who is already a member of the short hair club!) to bring you a "how to" on styling, taming, and dealing with short hair! 

Thanks for listening, bye y'all! 
Sadie Lee 

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