Wednesday, July 23, 2014

WHO'S THAT? It's Amy from Dallas Wardrobe!

This is my Wednesday segment called "Who's That?" 
It will feature a different blogger every week. If you would like to be featured on this segment, please email me at! I would love to pull something together! 

It is my pleasure to introduce to you one of personal fashion inspirations Amy from Dallas Wardrobe

1. What is your major in college?
Fashion Merchandising & Business Administration from Baylor University
2. What made you start your blog?
I started my blog in August of 2011 when I launched my wardrobe styling company as a way to showcase my style and taste to those who would be possibly interested in hiring me!
3. How would you describe your style?
classic and very girly
4. What are your top places to shop at?
Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Zara
5. What are some tips you suggest for new bloggers?
Stay true to your personal style!
6. Whats your best fashion tip?
Invest in great pieces instead of buying everything you think is 'cute' at the time

Advice: Give the people want they want. 
Amy Wells Havins
Fashion Blogger & Style Consultant

I am so happy I got to chat with Amy from Dallas Wardrobe! She is one of my favorite bloggers and a big inspiration to my fashion and style! She was too sweet! I love everything that she puts on her blog! I also am utterly and completely jealous that she lives in Dallas. That is my dream city but for now I will settle in the outskirts of Houston. Go check out Amy and her blog! It is definitely something to read! 

Thanks for listening, bye ya'll! 
Sadie Lee

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