Wednesday, July 16, 2014

WHO'S THAT? It's Cristina from Cristina On Campus!

I'm starting a new Wednesday segment called "Who's That?" 
It will feature a different blogger every week. If you would like to be featured on this segment, please email me at! I would love to pull something together! 

It would only be fitting for me to start this segment with my beautiful best friend who is also a blogger babe! It is my pleasure to introduce to you the lovely Cristina from Cristina On Campus
1. What is your major in college?
Right now, I am a journalism sales and advertising major, but I hope to also declare a minor in marketing or business administration. 
2. What made you start blogging?
I have two huge passions in my life: writing and fashion. I found blogging to be a fun hobby that combines the two! Also, I think what I have to say falls on a great audience - it's rough being a college girl! Especially someone who is used to visiting the mall twice a week! I'm hoping that this blog won't only help others, but help me to be more confident. 
3. What are some tips you suggest for new bloggers?
Take it slow. You can't be Sarahbelle93x in one day.. haha! You may not have more than 100 followers, no one may read your blog except your grandma, and that's ok!! This is for you. It's your hobby. Your stress reliever. But if you help people or inspire people along the way, then great! Spread the love in your work! 
4. How would you describe your style?
I'd say my style is classic girly. A lot of what I wear, I've owned for 2+ years and it's most likely from Target, Forever21, or JCrew. I love bright colors, floral prints, and lots of sparkly jewelry - I'm your not so average girl next door.
5. What are your top places to shop?
I keep Target in business. Besides that slice of heaven, I'm a huge online shopping addict! I love Rich Girl Rags, Red Dress Boutique, and RiffRaff! Boutiques like that are always so fun, because you never know what you'll find, but they have so much that you can always find something you like. (or 10 things!)
{top: Sadiedownsouth's closet!//skirt: Tommy Hilfiger//earrings:Charming Charlie//necklace:Kate Spade//sandals: a bargain at Ross!}
I posted this picture recently on my blog, and I love this outfit! It was inspired by the Kate Spade quote, "Live Colorfully". The bright yellow is so fun and then the navy skirt brings a classic preppy look to the outfit. And the cherry on top is getting to dress it up with my favorite bright accessories! 
One of my favorite quotes is from Kate Spade: She is quick and curious and playful and strong. She sees possibility everywhere. 

I not only get to read Cristina's blog but I get to call her one of my best friends! She is such a sweetheart and has stuck by my side through thick and thin. I know I can lean on her when the going gets tough. We even got to go in the same prom group together in high school! Her blog inspires me to branch out into more color. I dress with lots of nuetrals and her blog helps me develop a bigger style! I love her from her Kate Spade earrings all the way down to her Steve Madden shoes! She is the best! Don't forget to go check her out on 
Cristina On Campus! I promise you wont regret it! 
Blogger Babes think alike... must have been the color of mint that year! (; 

Thanks for listening, bye ya'll! 
Sadie Lee 

If you would like to be featured on this segment, please email me at!

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