Wednesday, August 6, 2014

WHO'S THAT? It's Bess from Belles in Bows!

This is my Wednesday segment called "Who's That?" 
It will feature a different blogger every week. If you would like to be featured on this segment, please email me at! I would love to pull something together! 

It is my pleasure to introduce to you, Bess from Belles in Bows!

1. What is your major in college?
I am hoping to major in Economics with a double minor in Journalism and Middle Eastern Studies
2. What made you start your blog? 
It really began as a distraction from my move last summer - I had always loved style and creating and styling photos and was ready to create an extension of my Instagram
3. How do you incorporate your blog into your everyday life?
I sit down for at least ninety minutes a day to work on my blog! Aside from the actual posting, editing, etc, I really just try to tote around my camera as much as possible to capture photos of what I'm doing, wearing, etc. I try to make it as accurate of a reflection of my life as I can.
4. What would you say is your statement piece of jewelry or clothing? The one item that just screams you? 
Oxfords, oxfords, oxfords. Honestly I would be so lost without favorites are from Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers
5. What are your top places to shop at? 
I love Lilly Pulitzer, Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren, J.Crew, Vineyard Vines, Banana Republic, Talbots, Ann Taylor, and vintage/thrift shopping is a newfound love!
6. Whats your best fashion tip? 
Do less! I am all about minimalistic, classic looks when it comes to dressing. I love bright patterns and statement necklaces as much as the next girl...but not together! Make sure you focus on one "wow" piece and leave the rest to be more understated. 

Advice: The harder you work, the luckier you get. 

I am so happy I got to interview Bess. She is so sweet and has such a classic style. I love how she mixes northern style with southern style. The cute, classic, comfortable look is always the way to go because no matter what you will be ready for anything. I think Bess and I's styles reflect off each other. Her style is more northern and my style is more southern but we both go for simplicity. Bess is one of fashion inspirations when I'm looking for new pieces. On her blog you will find fashion, food, and many more! The only way to find out is to head over and check it out!

Thanks for listening, bye ya'll! 
Sadie Lee