Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Plans for 2015.

Hey Y'all,

If you have been sticking around lately, you may know that I have made some changes in my life. I will be in a new career field, a new town, and a new home. My friends and family may have been a tad surprise when I sprang my life choices across social media BUT, sometimes thats all it takes. By just throwing it out there, it really gave me a chance to stand firm to my new choices.

I am extremely excited for 2015 because of all that is in store. I have a ton of plans such as, I am moving to College Station, I will be running in the Dallas Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon, I will continue to serve on a Houston Rodeo Committee, my good friend Parker will be returning from Afghanistan, I am going to be turning 21 years old, and making many more memories with the wonderful people I share this life with.

A question I have gotten from a lot of people is "what are your new years resolutions?" WOW. ugh.
I hate these things because every year I set myself up for failure. I make big goals and never stick to them. This year I have one simple resolution: Return to my roots.

Now, this does not mean that I will be moving back to my birth place, the wonderful state of Mississippi. It simply means that I will be returning back to my place of happiness. I find JOY in the LITTLE THINGS. Life use to give me the biggest smile. A sunny day and a drive down a back road was my favorite part of the day. A bible verse a day kept the worries at bay. But, most importantly, I never questioned people and their choices. I simply didn't care what anyone thought of me. 2014 was one of the hardest years for me, one that I pray to never repeat. I hope that in 2015 I can return to my happiness. I hope that the changes I have made will bring the JOY back to my LIFE.

With all this, there will be changes to the blog. I am still the fashion-loving southern girl that I have always been. But, I want to make the blog more personal and relatable. I would still include my fashion, DIYs, fitness, and lifestyle tips. Now we will be adding in more of the at home southern style that my life truly represents.

Have a good one,
Sadie Lee

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