Monday, May 18, 2015

Wrapping Up Sophomore Year

Hey Y'all!

So... I didn't get a post up last Friday because I drove home from school and unpacked and just enjoyed time with my family because ITS FINALLY SUMMER TIME!!!

I'm so ready for a little break. This year has been probably the hardest year of my life. I know I have kind of pushed it down to being "no big deal" but it was indeed a very big deal for me. I will go ahead and disclaim the fact that my sophomore year was probably not the same as most sophomores in college. I started a psychology major living in San Marcos and ended as a business major in College Station. I moved for many different reasons. I will say that it did take me ALOT to return to the happy person I am today. The best thing is that I learned things about myself that couldn't happen if I didn't make this move.
I learned exactly what I want to do in life. Sure, the plan will probably change 100 times over again, but we are getting on track. Psychology wasn't for me and thats okay. They say college is where you find yourself and as true as that is, its also about finding out who your not. I am not meant to be a psychologist. I'm okay with that.
I learned about who I want to surround myself with. I am a very social person. My family says I could make friends with a stop sign. But, I was committing myself to close friends that were not reflecting positively on my life. I think you need to surround yourself with happy upbeat people that bring joy and laughter to your life. I, unfortunately, was not doing this and it did send me into a state of depression for the time that I was living in San Marcos. The best thing I did was remove myself from the situation.
I learned about living alone. This is such a funny thing to say. I never loved/feared silence so much in my life until I lived completely alone. I loved it because it gave me a chance to clear my head and express myself. I think a good creative outlook for me is decorating (duh Sadie, your a fashion blogger) and it gave me a chance to truly develop my style. After the semester from hell I was able to think and clear my head on the whole situation. I could reevaluate what happened and how I wouldn't let it happen again. I feared the silence for the fact that I was alone. After having such negative people around, it was hard to have no one around. I knew a few people in College Station but it was hard not being in the sorority and being busy all the time. It was a love/hate relationship.
I learned more time management. I have a "yes-man" quality where I think I can do it all. Life usually hits me with the reality bat and I figure out that I can not do it all. I enjoy running and writing in my journal and spending a little time with the Lord and having my homework done ahead of time and cooking real meals. All of these things take time and I learned how to plan out my day so I could do it all.
All and all, This year was not fun but required for me to grow up and learn a little. I will start junior year with my head up and ready for new adventures. There may be another move to a new city in the mix. You will just have to stick around to see!

Now ready to ring in the summertime...
Happy (belated) Armed Forces Day!

With love always, 
Sadie Lee

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