Thursday, July 30, 2015

Fitness Friday: 5 Things to Know Before You Run a Half Marathon

Hey y'all!

I have been running half marathons since 2009. I am no expert. I am not an elite. I am not super fast. I am a finisher. All that matters is I cross the finish line in an upright position and get free stuff. I run to collect medals, t-shirts, and free samples at every expo. I have learned a few things over the years. For starters, anyone can do it! I was in 8th grade when I ran my first half marathon (see throwback below!). When I was in 9th grade I slipped in the lobby of my natatorium and broke 5 pieces of my spine. It took me a year to make it back on my feet. Then the real challenges began. The doctors said running would be the worst thing because of the pounding movement it put on my back. To this day I still struggle with the pain but, it is something I've learned to deal with. I know my limitations and I know when it is not a good day to run. Over the years I have had some realizations about being a (half) marathoner!



1. It doesn't happen overnight.
You can not sign up for a half marathon and just wait until the week before to do a couple of 3 milers and expect to complete your half with flying colors. If you have figured out how to make that work - let me in on your secrets! For the rest of us who don't have super sonic muscles, it takes training. Training takes time and planning. My favorite marathon trainer is Hal Higdon! He has great 12-18 week plans.

2. You are going to be in pain at some point.
I have back pains all the time but, I also get knee pains from running. You need to take care of your body. I do yoga from the youtube channel "Yoga With Adriene" before and after every run. She has a great warmup and cool down sequence. It is very important to stretch to prevent even more pain.

3. There will always be someone faster and someone slower.
Don't get discouraged when someone passes you up in the race. Just focus on your race and finishing. That is the number one goal. You will also pass some people up. If you need a little motivation, try counting how many people you can pass in between the mile markers. The first 3-5 miles are so crowded because you all the leave the gate at the same time. Keep your concentration on your run, not those around you. HERE is some of my favorite running inspiration quotes to get me moving!

4. All you need to start is a pair of tennis shoes.
Trust me, I live for the stuff I can collect. But do you really need all the fancy gear when you start out? If you are running a half marathon I suggest investing in some good shoes made for running long distances. I just bought these Asics on sale! It is also best to go to a running store and get your feet analyzed to find the best fit. I have bought the wrong shoes before and ended up with major shine pain!

5. Getting out there is better than never going at all.
Start slow and go run/walk three times a week. Then move to four times a week. We all have bad runs. Just sleep it off and get up, get going again. I use a pre-workout energizer made by Vega that helps me get that extra boost of energy. It was created by a vegan triathlete, made for runners. (And no I am not vegan. I just had this specific energizer suggested to me by another blogger runner, Fit & Faithful). I mixed this in a smoothie 30 minutes before I run.

Like I said, I am no elite or expert. I run/walk all my runs. I am excited to say I have THREE runs coming up, including my FIRST full marathon!! I always run better when I have something to work towards! If you would like more fitness inspiration post, let me know!

Always with love,
Sadie Lee

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