Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Pinspiration Porch

Hey y'all!

First day of Junior year was a success! I have been settling into my college apartment again. Which is basically code for redecorating. I saw this photo on pinterest 2 years ago before I was even out of my parents house and couldn't get out of my mind! I absolutely loved it! I wanted my own little porch setting that could be similar without breaking the bank. I live on the second floor and I have a front porch instead of a back porch. I found my chairs at Lowes for about 17$ apiece. At the beginning of summer, I originally wanted the coral color but by August they only had blue and green left. I found a table from target that was about 75$ and that was just too much for my college budget. So my dad made this one for me from leftover wood he had in his shop and it was the perfect size! My lights around the railing came from Target from their after christmas sale for about 3$ a box. I love my entire setup and it barely cost me anything!


Always with love, 
Sadie Lee


  1. So cute! WHAT CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE A JUNIOR IN COLLEGE. THAT MEANS I'M A SOPHOMORE IN COLLEGE. Remember when we were in your room planning who was going to stand next to whom for prom pictures? Me too.

    1. It was all about color coordination! The three mint color dresses couldn't stand next to each other!! I think we did a pretty bang up job if you ask me!! LOL I wouldn't trade any of the memories for the world!! LOVE YOU!