Wednesday, September 9, 2015

HOW TO: (21st Birthday) Bar Cart!

Hey y'all!

Today, for my 21st birthday, I want to share with y'all my BAR CART!! For starters, you can use anything for a bar. It can be a coffee bar, a tea bar, a breakfast bar, or a candy bar! It does not have to be a a fancy cart either but, if you do want a cute little rolling cart I suggest this one and you can spray paint the metal any color you want! I used a bookshelf that my dad built me a few years ago. It was a originally brown and I painted it white to match my apartment decor better. All of the gold items are spray painted (tray, straw cup, top to cork jar, and wine rack)! The glasses are fun souvenirs I have collected over time and the frames all came from the dollar store. I created the prints on a word document and printed them out to be framed. All of the other fun decorations are from T.J. Maxx and the Dollar Store! I love the way it turned out - very pretty, classy, and GOLD!

Use your imagination! There is not right or wrong way to do it. So make it your own and add pretty things that you love! Now, I am off to have a fabulous birthday!

Always with love,
Sadie Lee

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