Monday, October 5, 2015

Bulldog Attire!

Hey y'all!

This weekend we got to see the MSU vs A&M football game in College Station, TX. Now y’all know I am a dedicated bulldog fan (even though I currently reside in College Station). Luckily, I got to wear maroon and no one noticed! This game was very special to me because it is not only the second time I got to see where the DAWGS play but, it is also the second MSU game I got to see with my favorite old man. It was our first Texas A&M game to experience and it was definitely something to see! I loved every minute of it, despite the outcome! Here are a few pictures from our day and the outfit is linked below.

I had such a good time and I feel lucky to count these games as some of my memories! It doesn’t feel like fall if there isn’t any football, am I right?

Always with love,

Sadie Lee

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