Monday, October 26, 2015

Post-Race Remedies!

Hey y'all!

I completed my 7th half marathon this weekend in the pouring rain. I don't recommend running a half marathon in a hurricane! This was the hardest race I have ever completed. On the plus side, I did finish and that is all that matters! Here are my post-race remedies for after you get that well deserved medal.

1. Enjoy your post-race party! 
Usually every race has a post-race party after. You get food, your finisher gear, take pictures, and some serve beer! Enjoy this time because you deserve it. You get to eat whatever you want (Sadie said so) and be sure to take lots of pictures. You will never be this happy again. Finish line happy is the best kind of happy!

2. Drink plenty of water. 
You have just lost your weight in sweat. Running takes a lot out of you and even if you feel fine after your race, you need to continue to hydrate. This will help your muscles heal faster.

3. Take a little walk each night. 
My dad reminds me of this often. I like to take a week off before I start training for the next race. This does not mean that your asics don't hit the pavement! It is best to walk a mile or two each night to get those muscles moving.

4. Stretch often. 
Today I had a fitness class I was dreading. I knew it was going to be hard but, stretching will really help for the second day pain. The second day after your race usually hurts more than the first. By stretching and keeping your muscles in motion it will help with stiffness. 

Again, you deserve it! You just ran a freaking (insert milage distance) race and that deserves a big, alarm clock free, nap! Try to get to bed on time for the next few days. If you're like me, you're gonna need it.

Always with love,
Sadie Lee

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  1. These are really great tips girl, thanks! Love your blog so far!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  2. Love these tips, S! I'm not much of a runner (definitely not ready for a half), but I am doing the Turkey Trot in Dallas this Thanksgiving. I'm definitely going to use these tips and tell my whole family to do so as well, X!

    1. Thank you!! AWH! I wish you were doing it in Houston! We do that trot every year! Love you!