Friday, May 6, 2016

The New HSL

Hey y'all!
Long time no talk.
but really.

Every time I thought about how I was going to introduce this post I came up with excuses why I disappeared. They were all - utterly. stupid. Sometimes you just need to disappear. You need that time to reflect on your own life and your personal game plan. So here it is...

I decided to lay out a map. First I chose the categories that were the most important to me and then I made a list of everything I wanted to accomplish. If you haven't heard - I moved 10 hours away from my hometown and family to go to my dream school. The joy of being in a new place faded fast when I realized what I had done. This was the time for me to grow a little and fulfill the purpose of why I moved here. So here we go, my game plan:

1. I would like to blog 2 times a week(Mondays and Fridays). I made this such a strict standard last year that it became less of something I wanted to do and more of something I felt like I had to do. I want my blog to feel professional but, I also want to enjoy it. I called my blog a job and never treated it like one.
2. I want to treat my blog more like a job! I want to work on a more professional schedule for my work lifestyle. I want to conduct each day to feel very productive. Less netflix (well slightly less)!

1. This past year I was diagnosed with dyslexia. I was very embarrassed by it all and I kept it between those closest to me for a long time. I got frustrated with people telling me that it was "normal" and that it was "no big deal". I have realized now that it may be a big deal but, is just another part of me. I want to use what I have learned from being diagnosed to help those that are struggling with understanding it. I had a hard time coping with the fact that I found out as an adult. If I can help one other person that is going through this then I was diagnosed for a reason.
2. I have recently changed my major to better pursue my dreams in the future. I am now a Fashion Merchandising major with a minor in Business Administration and a Minor in Marketing. I want to use my blog to further my knowledge in the fashion industry. I also want to connect with those in the blogging world that have similar career goals in the retail world.

1. My goal is to run 4 days a week. I use to tell myself I needed to run everyday and I would get discouraged when I didn't complete that goal. I hope to complete my first full marathon this year.
2. I have started Yoga with Adriene. This gives me something other than running to continue being active. I want to do yoga 2-3 times a week. This not only helps strengthen my muscles but, it has helped with my anxiety too.

1. I dare you to move 10 hours from home and make a million new friends in a day. This has been a big test of survival for me. I have learned that those who are important will continue to play a part in your life journey. As for making new friends, I want to get more involved in my sorority and college church group. I love how important blog friends are to bloggers. I get so inspired by Cristina and Rachel being blog wives. I have learned so much from them already and it truly shows that friends don't have to be next door to be important to you. They are great bloggers and great friends!
2. For my personal lifestyle I want to listen to more bible study podcast (currently listening to the Breakaway series for all my aggie friends out there). I want to continue with my personal journal and my prayer journal each night. I have never been big on reading (probably because I now know I'm dyslexic, am I right ladies?) but, I want to try to read books more often. Now that it is summer hopefully I will have more time.

This blog and the people I have met through it are so important to me. I wish I could give a white rose to each person who has impacted me in the past (almost) 2 years since Hey Sadie Lee was born. My parents have been huge supporters and I can not thank them enough. My blog has always been about fashion, style, and confidence because those are the things I care about the most. HSL will still be about those things and much more. I think this post has gone on long enough but, let me know if you have a Game Plan that you are working on! Show me on social media by following along and using the hashtag #HSLgameplan. Thank you for letting me have this break and sticking with it through me. Remember to always live the life you love!

Sadie Lee
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  1. Welcome back Sadie Lee!!! I've missed having you around. You're gonna kill those goals, girl - I have full faith in you.

    1. Thank you so much! I'm lucky to have y'all to support me!